The Mary Elizabeth House, Inc., A Ministry

Supporting the positive development of young, single mothers and
their children through life-skills training, education and workforce
guidance, counseling and housing.

The Mary Elizabeth House, Inc., A Ministry, provides life-skills training
and supports young mothers who are in or have aged-out of the child welfare

All of our young mothers have experienced family disruption and a host of other
challenges that substantially impact their lives. The Mary Elizabeth House
offers the kind of nurturing environment young mothers need to become self-
directed adults with skills in home management, employment, educational
attainment and supportive parenting.

Providing<br />Stability


Our structured residential program, educational supports, mental health counseling, and spiritual guidance help to stabilize young women and their children impacted by weak family and community connections, trauma, neglect and abuse.
Strengthening<br />Families


The Mary Elizabeth House programs provide parenting and life-skills training, individualized counseling and an early childhood development program. Together these vital programs support and strengthen individuals and families.
Changing<br />Lives


The life outcomes for youth, especially pregnant or parenting youth, emerging from the foster care system are bleak. Research shows they are less likely to graduate from high school,and more likey to be unemployed, and homeless. The Mary Elizabeth House is committed to reversing the trends caused by neglect and disinvestment and to empowering and strengthening young women to build self-sustaining families, and meaningful lives.

Strengthen families and change lives for generations to come.
When you donate to The Mary Elizabeth House, your gift has a transformative and lasting effect.